1-Minute Hip & Cardio-Conditioning Interval Protocol

In this post I’m highlighting an awesome hip and cardio-conditioning interval protocol that takes exactly one minute to complete each round of. I call it the 30/20/10 Band-resisted protocol – you’ll understand why when you watch the video below.

For years I’ve being doing protocols like this using a resistance band attached to a waist-belt, as evidenced by the below screenshot from this video I did back in 2009… when I had a much thicker and less gray head of hair. Not to mention, a sweet pair of shoes that I could never find again in stores.

Screen Shot 2018 12 01 at 6.28.33 PM

Although the waist-belt attached to resistance bands works great to perform resisted, in-place marching/skipping/running exercises like this protocol involves, I now use the NT Loop: Hip Trainer Bands to perform it.

Put simply, it’s protocols like this that have been staples in my training programs for many years that are one of main reasons why I designed the NT Loops the way I did.

The 30/20/10 Hip and Cardio-Conditioning Protocol

When I use this protocol with clients, I generally perform it at the end of a session for 3 to 6 rounds performed back-to-back for a total of 3 to 6 minutes time. The 30 seconds or marching in place serves as active-recovery between the other two more intense aspects of this interval protocol.

Why the low band angle?

If you noticed in both the above picture (from almost 10yrs ago) and the very recent video, I usually perform resisted, in-place marching, skipping, running, etc. drills with the band anchored low instead of at waist height. I have a very specific reason for why I do this, which I explain in the following video.

Put simply, resistance bands can be one of the most effective and valuable training tools when you apply them properly. However, not all bands are created equal.

I designed the NT Loops to be a superior alternative  to the classic latex bands for exercises and protocols like the above. And, aside from the enhanced durability, there are countless features that make the NT Loops more comfortable and versatile.

If you’re ready to step up your hip and glute training or even just your band training game in general then you don’t want to miss the killer NT Loop sale going on right now until Christmas day.

Screen Shot 2018 11 05 at 7.08.56 PM

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