10,000hr B.S., 3 Unique Kettlebell Exercises & 5 Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Today’s post gives you the motherload! From my philosophy on young trainers trying to build a name for themselves and B.S. about 10,000hrs of practice, to the practical application of 3 unique Kettlebell exercises and 5 bodyweight shoulder exercises, to my upcoming seminar schedule.

Let’s get to it…

Older Coaches vs. Young Personal Trainers and 10,000hr B.S.

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Plus, the kind folks at STACK have yours truly as this week’s “Featured Expert” on thier homepage.

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My Upcoming Live Event Schedule

In IRMO, SC on June 22 2013 teaching at Sorinex Summer Strong with Bret Contreras, Zach Even-Esh and other great coaches.

You’ll get to hang out, eat BBQ and drink with people like iron game legend Richard Sorin along with some of the strongest and fittest athletes on the planet.

Summer Strong is one of my favorite events of the year. And, it’s all for charity!


In DALLAS, TX on June 28-29 2013 teaching at the TPEA National Summer Strength, Nutrition & Tactical Training Conference.

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 In LAS VEGAS, NV on July 10-13, 2013 teaching at the NSCA National Conference. 


I will be teaching two 30-min classes and running a morning workout, ALL in the NSCA EXPO hall. I will also be hanging out each day at the Reebok One booth.

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