2-Day South Florida Mentorship for Personal Trainers: July 29-30th, 2016

Discover Lessons From 20 Years Of Personal Training Experience In One Weekend

Take Advantage Of This Exclusive Mentorship Opportunity That Is Guaranteed To Make You Better

Nick Tumminello, 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year and Personal Trainer Hall of Fame Inductee, is hosting an exclusive 2 Day Mentorship for Personal Trainers in South Florida on July 29-30th, 2016.

During this 2 Day learning opportunity you’ll discover the most effective, battle tested methods and systems for programming and training. The complex, often confusing world of fitness and training will be made clear and simple so that you can take what you learn and begin using it immediately with your clients.

If you’re passionate about helping people reach their individual goals, love training clients, and are looking for a scientific, but practical, approach to getting your clients specific results then keep on reading…

This mentorship is a ‘breath of fresh’ air for the trainers that are tired of the hyperbole and misguided information taught in the industry.


Your Mentorship Agenda

During your 2 days with Nick and a small group of other highly motivated trainers you’ll take a deep dive look at the the entire training process from assessment to programming.

This isn’t information that you can learn online or at your typical conference or seminar! It’s an intimate experience and opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.

Assessment and Exercise Prescription: A Simple (and Sensible) Approach

This isn’t your typical corrective exercise assessment. In fact, you’re going to be encouraged to think differently than many experts will about your assessment and get back to the roots of personal training and learning how to discover how to assess a client for their training needs.

The goal of any assessment is to create a plan to help your client achieve their specific results.

During this portion of the mentorship you’ll discover:

  • Common myths and misconceptions about “corrective exercise” that cause trainers to lose their way.
  • The MOST important concerns for personal trainers during an assessment to determine the proper exercise prescription
  • Your 4 CRITICAL rules of training for individualization and safety.
  • The 3 exercise modification and variation strategies to better personalize exercises.
  • How to work with clients that have pain without having to fall into the corrective exercise trap.
  • A simple way to deal with asymmetries in your clients.
  • How to identify and correct the 3 most common types of compensations and exactly when you should avoid them all together.

This approach to assessing your clients and designing a specific training program will ensure you stay in your wheelhouse as a trainer and give you a system that ensures you get great results.

Practical Workout Frameworks and Systems For Individual and Semi-Private Training

A great training system doesn’t have to be complicated. Nick will teach you his ‘plug and play’, fully customizable programming framework that will keep your workouts fresh and fun while delivering great results.

During this portion of the mentorship you’ll discover:

  • A method for training beginning clients that keeps training fun for them without pushing them too far.
  • The 3×3 Lift/Move training formula that is the foundation of a great fitness and fat loss training program.
  • A proven plan for blending the consistency needed to get clients results while still providing the enough variety to make the workouts fun.
  • A unique approach to using resistance exercises that maximizes the effectiveness of your workouts.
  • Sample training templates that will allow you to start using these new methods with your clients right away.

These methods and the framework that you’ll learn from Nick will not only give you the tools and knowledge needed to keep your clients progressing and seeing results for as long as they work with you but you’ll find ways to make training more enjoyable which means they’ll stay longer and refer more friends.

Training doesn’t have to be bland and boring to be safe and effective! Nick will teach you how he’s developed this system and exactly how to use it with your clients.

Top Exercise Applications For Each Stage Of The Workout

It’s often confusing for trainers to figure out what works in an industry that tells you every method and every new exercises is the ‘best.’

During your mentorship Nick will teach you his top applications, the same ones he’s using with his clients now after 20 years experience.

Everything from the warm up to the conditioning portion of the workout will be covered.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The top mobility and warm up drills you can use to prepare your clients for their workout without wasting lots of time and doing unnecessary corrective work.
  • The 3 types of resistance training you need to be using in every workout for your clients.
  • Conditioning and fitness protocols to maximize your client results.
  • The secrets to evaluating training exercises that go beyond basic cueing and safety concerns learned over 20 years of experience.

Here’s What Nick’s Students Are Saying About The Mentorship…

Mentorship Location and Travel Information

Location: This 2-Day mentorship will be held at at the BB3 Fitness & Nutrition Center, which is located inside of the Bonaventure Resort & Spa at 250 Racquet Club Road. Weston, FL 33326.

Room Rate: You will be able to book a room at the beautiful Bonaventure Resort & Spa at our special “NT Mentorship” room rate of $99 per night, which is an awesome deal! The “cut-off” date to get your room at this rate is Monday, June 27th, 2016.

Airport Info: You will fly into Ft. Lauderdale Airport. It’s about 2omins drive from the mentorship/ hotel  location.

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With only 15 spots available spots will go fast and your chance to attend this exclusive mentorship program on July 29-30th (from 10am -5pm each day) will be gone soon!

To ensure you get the absolute most out of your time with Nick during this mentorship we’re keeping space extremely limited. You’ll be able to interact and learn directly from Nick and a group that’s smaller than most trainers boot camps or group training sessions.

Nick is dedicated to your learning and this small, exclusive group of motivated trainers provides the perfect learning environment.

Make sure you grab your spot today before they’re all gone and this opportunity slips away.

There’s no better investment than in yourself. Especially when it comes to improving your skills as a trainer.

You could try to get all this information, which isn’t available anywhere else, through DVDs, online courses or attending seminars.   Investing in all that will cost you well over $1500-$2000.

And even then you’ll have to piece the info together and hope that you’re using it the right way. That will take up too much of your time and energy.

For a limited time you can get access to Nick and fully immerse yourself in the programming methods and training systems that he’s learned and developed during his 20 year career.  

It’s the fastest path to your own development as a trainer!

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Note: Payment plan option and roommate program is available by emailing to nicktumminello@gmail.com



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