2 Sample Fat Loss Five Workout Circuits

In my book Strength Training for Fat Loss I introduced you to The Fat-Loss Five, which is one of my most popular plug-and-play workout formulas among both personal trainers and exercise enthusiasts.

So you can see what it looks like in action, in this post I’m providing you with two sample Fat Loss Five workout sequences you can immediately use. One of the sample workout sequences involves only bodyweight and band exercises. So, whether you’re training at a large gym or at home with minimal equipment, this post has got something for you!


The Fat Loss Five Workout Formula

Put simply, a Fat-Loss Five sequence consists of five exercises performed back to back in a circuit. This circuit is developed to not only be a simple (but not easy) training formula to follow, it’s also designed to be a fully comprehensive training formula that covers all of the bases. There are two basic components to the Fat-Loss Five circuit: four strength exercises and one total-body cardio exercise.

Here are the five categories that make up a Fat-Loss Five circuit:

  1. Upper-body pushing exercise
  2. Upper-body pulling exercise
  3. Lower-body leg or hip oriented exercise
  4. Core exercise
  5. Cardio exercise

Check out this video to learn all of the programming details (work:rest time intervals, the number of circuit rounds to perform, etc.) for properly using the Fat Loss Five workout.

The beauty of the Fat-Loss Five circuit is its simplicity and versatility. You can plug in virtually any exercise you want as long as it fits in the five categories.

Check out these two Fat Loss Five workout examples:

Sample Fat Loss Five Workout

Sample (At-Home) Fat Loss Five Workout Using Only Bodyweight and Bands

Personal Training Clients Love The Fat Loss Five!

Not only can an entire workout be performed using the fat loss five – it’s especially great for 30min sessions; it can also be used as a component along with other more conventional strength & conditioning methods – like as a workout “finisher.”

Also, since the Fat-Loss Five has a cool and catchy name, many personal training clients get more excited about using it. And, since the Fat Loss Five sequence is easy to remember, it makes for great homework for them to use on their own. It gives clients the structure they need while also offering them versatility to plug in lots of different exercises, which also provides the variety they crave.

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