2 Triple Threat Push Up Workout Protocols

At Performance U we are bigs fans of workout protocols because they give us a specific formula that we can test and refine until we find they’re able to give us consistent and retable results. Then, all we have to do is “plug & play!”

These 2 Triple Threat Push Up workouts (below) are two of our most popular Hybrid Training protocols, which our clients have successfully used to:

– Achieve 100 Push Ups

– Get a great chest, shoulder and triceps workout using only bodyweight.

– As a burn out/ finisher after upper-body workouts

– Get an intense upper-body workout at-home

– As part of a comprehensive upper-body workout for more work volume to accelerate muscle size (hypertrophy) gains

 Triple Threat Push Up Workout – Advanced Level Protocol

If you’re ready to feel your chest and triceps inflate like a float at the Macy’s Day Parade – Try this…

Triple Threat Push Up Protocol – Bodyweight Workout

If the addition of the extra weight-plate (in the above video) was a bit too much for your ability – No problem! This version of the Push Up Triple Threat has your name all over it…

Regardless which of these two Triple Threat Push Up protocols you do – Bang out 2-3 rounds (sets) and you’ll be be able to proudly say…

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