300 Workout – Performance U Style!

First off, I’m not a huge fan of basing any workout on a random number like “300”. A good workout routine requires planning and should be based on the goals of the individual and demands of the sport you’re training for.


That said, the 3oo Workout plan I’ve provided you was/is not based on the number 300. When I wrote it down on paper, I noticed each protocol had a similar “300” theme to it. So, for the sake of simplicity and to make it easy to remember, I called it the “300 Workout protocol”.


The Performance U 300 Workout Protocol is a very intense metabolic conditioning (power endurance) workout. I personally use this workout every Saturday, along with my good friend and long time client Gary Stastny. We use this workout along with our weekly strength training routine to make sure we’re not all show and no go.


The Performance U – 300 Workout Protocol


This workout consists of three exercises: Shuttle Sprints, Ropes Gone Wild and the Airdyne Bike. Here’s how it all goes down:


1. 300 yd Shuttle Sprints

Place two cones or water bottles roughly 25yds apart. Sprint as fast as you can back and forth between the cones for 12 times completing 6 round trips. Touch the cones each time. Try to finish all 6 laps in as close to 1 minute as possible. Perform 1-3 sets (300yds = 1 set) resting 3-5mnutes between sets.


Coaching Tips

–       Touch cones each time you change direction, alternating which arm you use to touch the cone.

–       Be sure to drive with your arms while sprinting.

–       When changing direction at each cone, be aware of your lower-body alignment and control. Don’t turn faster than you can control – that’s when injuries happen!

– Try to add sets or reduce rest between sets each week


2. Ropes Gone Wild (aka: Battling Ropes)

Pick your three favorite ropes exercises (these can change week to week). Perform 5 rounds of a specific rope drill for 20 seconds – Do as many reps as you can. Rest 20 seconds and repeat for 5 rounds – for a combined 100 seconds of total work time .Once you’ve finished all 5 sets of one drill, rest 2-3min. Then, repeat the same sequence with the second drill, performing 5 sets of 20 seconds on and 20seconds off. Rest another 2-3min. Now, repeat the same sequence with the third and final rope drill.


When it’s all said and done, you’ve performed “300” total seconds of high-intesnity rope work.


3. Ride 3 Miles on Airdyne Bike

Try to maintain a pace of no less than 65 rpms. Finish the 3 miles in as little time as possible. When your done, the bike’s electronic screen will read “3.00”.


Why this workout is awesome?


The Performance U 300 Workout Protocol is great for several reasons:


– It’s a well balanced, total-body conditioning workout. The Sprints really crushing your legs and hips (and lungs), the ropes crush your upper-body and torso, then the Airdyne bike ride gets everything: You have to pedal using both you arms and legs.


– It’s a simple (but certainly not easy), back to basics conditioning workout.


– It’s self regulated (auto-regulated). You go as fast as you can and rest as long as you need / as little as you have to between sets.


I’m off to Iceland!


For the rest of this week, I’ll be presenting (and sight seeing) along with my good friends David Jack and Eric Cressey, in beautiful Iceland. We are each presetning a full days worth of workshops at the Keilir Health Academy presents an International Sport and Fitness Summit February 24th – 26th 2011.


Man, I’m extremely excited for this trip and I cannot wait to share many of the Performance U training concepts and techniques with Iceland’s finest fitness pro’s!





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