In today’s post I’m going to reveal what I feel to be are the 5 Steps to a Perfect workout. These are the very same 5 steps I use to ensure each and every workout I design for my clients is well-rounded, multi-dimensional and super effective!


But, before I give me Perfect Workout Formula, I’ve got two quick announcements:


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The Perfect Workout – Performance U Style!


Alright, if you want to know the formula I use for training clients & athletes – Here it is!

These are my 5 steps to designing and implementing a perfect workout:


Step #1 – Warm Up

Put simply, a warm up is a transition stage from normal activity to athletic activity.

Anything can physically warm you up from a body temperature standpoint. But, our Performance U warm ups are designed to go far beyond that. We use a multitude of exercises to enable your body to enter the main part of the workout functioning as well as it can!


We don’t call it “movement prep” since the warm up involves movements and we couldn’t figure out what we could do that would prepare us for those movements 🙂 So, we keep it simple and call it what it is – It’s a WARM UP!



Step #2 – Nervous System Training (NST)

As I’ve said in other articles like my Apex Predator workout “Your body is like a computer. You’ve got the software (your CNS) and you’ve got your hardware (your muscular system). Your muscles create movements and your CNS creates the program,which allows your body to summate those individual movements into a coordinated life or sporting action.


This is the phase where we emphasize fast, explosive, total-body actions that are either general or sports specific.


I have a simple policy for everyone I train – “Do something fast everyday.” I don’t care if you’re a 17yr old wrestler or a 70yr old grandma. I’m still going to have you do at least one fast and/or explosive exercise each time you train with me!



Step #3 – Muscular System Training (MST)

This is where we focus on using many different forms of strength training to improve your hardware (your muscles).


In this stage we work to build muscle size/density while improving tissue tolerance and connective tissue strength.



Step #4 – Energy System Training (EST)

This cardio & conditioning! We use everything from circuits, to complexes, to intervals, to sprints and stair runs.


The goal here it to ensure that are clients aren’t just strong, they also have the work capacity to out last the competition!


Plus, this stage helps us burn lots of calories both during and post workout!



Step #5 – Cool Down

This is the opposite of the warm up. It’s where we transition our clients from athletic activity to a more relaxed, normal activity. The goal is to basically calm their mind and body while having them “feel great” (no tightness, stiffness, etc:) when they walk out the door.


We use Self Myofascial Release and various stretching protocols (mainly Yoga inspired) in this stage.


As I said before, many trainers call foam rolling and stretching at the end of a workout “recovery and regeneration.” We at Performance U have found that the most effective recovery and regeneration methods happen when you’re not in the gym, like when you’re sleeping or out having fun or just home taking a relaxing bath.


We use SMR and stretching to simply help our clients feel better and to settle them down from an intense workout.




There you have it – the Performance U 5 stages to a Perfect workout! It simple to understand and easy to use formula for designing workouts. And that’s just how we like it!


As you can see each stage covers a different aspect of fitness, which ensures our clients can do it all because a well-rounded workout program creates a well-round body! Plus, we’ve found that using these 5-stages keep the workouts more fun and dynamic, which is always a plus!




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