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You Don’t Know What True Full Range Of Motion Means

The biggest myth in strength training is thinking that moving through the full range of motion in exercises means you’re training or getting stronger through that entire range.

It’s a myth because there’s the exercise range of motion, and there’s the effective range of motion of the exercise. The effective range of motion is what matters for true full range of motion strength training.

How to Build TRUE Full Range of Motion Strength

Exercises are tools. You must know how to use them properly in order to improve your overall physique while building a more adaptable body that is strong throughout the body’s full range of motion.

True full range of motion strength is only successfully accomplished when you train each muscle group in both of the two strength zones.


Strength Zones

There are two general categories (or zones) of strength exercises based on what range of motion in a given joint movement they target. Here they are

Optimizing your strength training involves using at least one exercise from each strength zone for each muscle group. This will strengthen different portions of the range of motion in each main joint movement.

When you’re choosing exercises, this approach guarantees that you’ll build true full-range strength.


Strength Zone training is about analyzing exercises less based on whether they are considered a compound or isolation exercise, or a primary or secondary lift, but based on how a given exercise puts force across tissues and joints to first determine which strength zone an exercise trains.

The Five Advantages Of SZT

The following are five advantages to building true full range of motion strength by using the strength zone training system:

A Smarter Way to Lift that’s Simple to Use!

With greater workout efficiency also comes more clarity about best workout practices. In that, strength zone training empowers you to see through the confusion created by endless exercises and conflicting workout information because it provides a simple framework for thinking about strength training exercises in a way you can understand them instead of just memorizing random things.

With strength zone training, everything you do has meaning. Training in one strength zone leads to the other to ensure you address important components of strength many lifters neglect. It’s not about doing new exercises, but using exercises in a smarter, more strategic way to go beyond what you’re doing now and leaving no gaps in your strength. You’re building muscle with a purpose. Creating a greater whole than the sum of the parts

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Functional Performance

Strength zone training is also about having a body that can get things done. We now know that some lifts only train the mid to shortened range of motion, while others mainly train the mid to lengthened range.

Strength zone training ensures you develop strength in various movement patterns, directions, and body positions, so you’re stronger in more ways and therefore capable of functioning at a higher level in any environment… not just inside the gym.

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Avoid Redundant Exercises You Just Don’t Need

Doing a different exercise variation for a given movement pattern or muscle group doesn't necessarily strengthen you in a different manner. This means many exercise variations are redundant. This is crucial to understand because time is your biggest limiting factor. So, you want to make sure your exercise selection and workout programs give you the greatest amount of results in return for your effort.

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Reduce Injury Risk

Strength gaps in your range of motion are injury liabilities. They’re making you more prone to injury in the ranges of motion you’ve not trained in. So, you’ll be more physically prepared when you use strength zone training, since it builds true full range of motion strength.

Strength zone training can help reduce your risk of injury because it ensures you’re not leaving any range of motion gaps in your strength that would leave you more susceptible to injury. Therefore, helping you build a more resilient, adaptable body preparing it for whatever life and sport throws at it.

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More Time Efficient and Effective Workouts

With strength zone training, you’ll not only know how to save time by avoiding the mistakes that cause workout redundancy and inefficiency, but also how to maximize the effectiveness of every workout because you’ll know exactly what exercises your program needs in order to build full range strength. Put simply, time is a big constraint, and so is effort. Strength zone training is a programming system that helps you get the most of both by improving the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your workouts.

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