Advanced Ab Exercise: Medicine Ball Rollout

Given that research comparing core muscle activation during Swiss ball and traditional ab exercises found that the Swiss ball rollout and the Swiss ball pike were the most effective in activating the upper and lower abs and external and internal obliques (1), I’m big on using ab rollouts and advanced rollout variations.

Since most personal trainers and exercise enthusiasts are already familiar with the basic stability-ball rollout exercise, and are often ready to try more advanced abdominal rollout exercise variations, here’s a tutorial on how to perform my favorite advanced ab rollout exercise application: The Medicine Ball Rollout.

This is one of the exercises that gave Steve Weatherford one of his biggest challenges in our True Muscle training program. Watch this video and see why.

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1. Escamilla, R.F, et al. “Core muscle activation during Swiss ball and traditional abdominal exercises” J Orthop Sports Physical Ther, 40: 265-276, 2010.

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