Analyzing Exercises: Dumbbell Step-Up to Biceps Curl

There’s no shortage of exercise applications and variations to choose from. And, because of this most fitness professionals are exercise encyclopedias. However, knowing lots of exercises without understanding how and when they may best be applied (and not applied), only adds confusion. Not to mention, also leads to subpar exercise programming.

I’ve started this “Analyzing Exercises” series to show you how we go about doing just that in order to build a principle-based understanding of the benefits and limitations a given exercise applications offers, so we have a clear understanding how it may best be used (or not used)  in a  given exercise program, and when in that program we feel it best fits.

Analyzing the Dumbbell Step-Up to Biceps Curl Exercise

We’re kicking off this “Analyzing Exercises” series by looking at the Dumbbell Step-Up to Biceps Curl, which is a common combo exercise application many fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts (especially females) like to use as a “double-whammy.”

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