Ankle Mobility Drill + Yoga-Plex = One Great Dynamic Warm Up Exercise!

In my continued effort to make our Dynamic Warm Up drills more comprehensive. I’ve recently started incorporating a fantastic Ankle Mobility drill, which I learned from Gray Cook, into the Performance U Yoga-Plex series!


Check it out!


Here’s the video featuring the original tutorial of the Performance U Yoga-Plex series (w/o the new ankle mobility addition featured above)


Two Great Yoga-Plex Variations from Two Great Coaches!


Here’s a fantastic video of Coach Tony Gentilcore performing his variation of the Yoga-Plex, using a box.


Also, check out my man, Coach Vince McConnel performing his version of the Yoga-Plex.


As my self, Coach McConnel and Coach Gentilcore have shown you here – The beauty of the Yoga-Plex is it’s simplicity and versatility.

I encourage you to use what you’ve learned here to not only enhance yours and your client’s workouts. But, to also inspire you to use your own purposeful creativity to design and/or modify exercise protocols, which you feel best fit the needs of you and your clients!


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