B.S. Detection for Fitness Professionals (Open Access Course)

It’s no secret that there’s a sea of information coming at us from all directions. This is why the most common question/complaint I get from fitness professionals about continuing education is…

“There’s so much conflicting information – I don’t know who/what to believe!?”

Plus, there are so many new products, methods and claims in the health, nutrition and training arena that it’s impossible to keep up with them all. The good news is that you don’t have to! You just know how to use some simple strategies that 1) help you to see through the confusion created by conflicting information, and 2) reduce your chances of you falling prey to erroneous beliefs and practices. And, those are exactly the simple strategies I’ve provided in my B.S. Detection lecture, which was filmed live at the Personal Trainer Development Center’s Strong Summit in Toronto.

Jon Goodman, who hosted the event, made sure that we filmed my talk from the Strong Summit because of how important the topic is. He’s not making most of the other videos from the event available as open-access, but this one is the exception. This is because, as I’ve often said, the health, fitness and conditioning field is full of highly-trained bodies, but poorly-trained minds!

In this video (below), I provide you with a series of skeptical thinking tips and basic questions to ask in order to:

  • Evaluate the level of validity and reliability of claims.
  • Determine what is and isn’t good evidence (relative the type of claim being made).
  • Identify faulty logic.
  • Clarify some common myths and misconceptions about science, “experts,” practical experience, skepticism and critical thinking.

All serious professionals must watch this to ensure they know how to identify BS when they see it and call it like it is. Enjoy and share!

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