Banded Dumbbell Rows: A Smarter Way!

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Now, lets talk some shop about banded back rows.

In this short video I show you why I don’t perform banded one-arm dumbbell rows in the same manner I see many other trainers doing them. And, I also demonstrated a smarter way to do banded dumbbell rows to get more of what you want.

As you can see after watching the video, the variation I show involves the band anchored roughly above your working shoulder (instead of being anchored low), and the band is placed just below your elbow joint (instead of around your wrist).

Now, you could certainly use a traditional superband to perform banded one-arm rows in the smarter way I demonstrated in the above video. However, it’s for purposes like this why I designed my NT Loops to be the best bands on the market for because they’re far more comfortable and stable when placed around your extremities or waist and hips.

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