Boxing: Heavy Bag Workout: Mistakes, Corrections & Drills

It’s no secret that boxing workouts are a fantastic form of cross-training for athletes and exercise enthusiasts because it involves coordination, agility, speed, and power. Not to mention, it is also a fun way to relieve stress and get into great shape!

The problem is: Just like with strength training exercises, you don’t just want to do the movements in boxing; you want to do them right. This is not to say that you have to look like a professional boxer while you’re hitting the heavy bag, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be embarrassing yourself either.  And, unfortunately, when I go into gyms, I see these guys doing a heavy bag work out who seem to think they are all bad ass, when they’re also doing something else: embarrassing themselves.

They are embarrassing themselves because they don’t know how to throw a punch (but think they do) and they continue to reinforce bad habits (while thinking they’re one step away from being Evander Holyfield)  that not only prevent them from getting the most of their heavy bag workouts, but would also likely get them eaten alive by a guy who may be far less strong (in the gym) than they are, but has halfway decent boxing or kickboxing skills.

So, to create a solution to this all to common problem, I’ve teamed up with my good friend and multiple time boxing champion Ann-Marie Saccurato to provide personal trainers and exercise enthusiast with a simple guide to heavy bag workouts.


In the (short and to-the-point) videos below, Ann Marie will not only show you a variety of the common heavy bag workout and basic boxing mistakes (you’re probably making), she also shows you simple ways to correct those mistakes.

If you’re ready to check your “I have a big deadlift and bench press, therefore I’m a total badass” ego at the door, and learn:

–       How to throw a stiff jab

–       How to throw a power punch.

–       Where to position your hip and hands for optimal movement, protection and punching ability.

–       How the heavy bag should (and shouldn’t) be moving while you’re hitting it.

–       Where (not) to look when hitting the heavy bag.

–       An awesome Speed & Power Drill

–       Common mistakes, drills and combos for circling left and right.

Note: Each of the videos below begins with the same intro, which is done for the YouTube audience who will come across each video uniquely. Go to 20 sec in to skip the intro, so you don’t have to keep watching it.

How to Throw More Powerful Punches

Jab: Mistakes and Corrections

 How to throw a Power Punch


 Jabbing and Heavy Bag Movement

Proper Stance and Movement

Where to position your Hips and Hands

Where (not) to Look

Circling Right: Mistakes and Combo Drill

Circling Left: Mistakes and Combo Drill

Where to look when Slipping

Heavy Bag Workout: Punching Speed and Power Drill

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If you enjoyed the information in the videos, please let Ann-Marie know, and she’ll be happy to deliver more awesome boxing and fitness training tips and tactics.

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