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Pull double what you push? Maybe not so much.

It’s common for coaches to recommend that: You should dedicate double the amount of training volume to pulling exercises than you do to pushing exercises. You should be able to do double the amount of reps in horizontal pulling exercises with the same weight you used for a similar horizontal pushing exercise. These general training …

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Assessing our Assessments – Part 2

I’m back with another installment of my Assessing our Assessments series. In this series, I look at simple and effective ways of improving the way Fitness Professionals use Postural Assessments and Functional Movement Screens. . As I mentioned in Part 1, I use my own hybrid style Assessment of Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen. Eventually, …

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Low Back Pain – An Inside Look at the Spine

As I mentioned in these posts, Low back pain is a popular topic because so many folks, of all ages, suffer from it. . My good friend and colleague, Mark Young, has provided us some incredible videos about the anatomy of the spine and why specific exercises like Crunches, Squats and Russian Twists may be …

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Muscle Activation – Can a Muscle be turned off?

These days, it’s not uncommon to attend a Fitness Conference or be at a gym and hear Fitness professionals saying something to the effect off… . – You glutes are not firing or, Your glutes are off! – Your Transverse Abdominis (TvA) is turned off – Your (fill in the blank)__________ muscle is not activating …

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How Strong Are Your Glutes, Really?

by Nick Tumminello  07/06/09  _ The importance of a strong, shapely backside is obvious, but how do you achieve it? Coach Nick’s never before seen techniques are guaranteed to work.    Continue reading… _ _

Flexibility vs. Mobility

I’m finally getting around to posting videos from a few of my latest workshops.   Check out the video from my Dynamic Warm Up – New Concepts and Techniques Workshop at IDEA Fitness Fusion in Chicago.   I will be posting a few more workshop videos here so keep checking back.   Additionally, I have …

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