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Movement Performance Assessment (MPA)

The Movement Performance Assessment is the first assessment designed specifically for personal trainers. You’ll be able to identify the safest and most effective exercises quickly and easily for your clients by testing the movements that matter. You’ll also gain direction on which exercises their first program should include and how they should be performed.

Instead of conducting tests to locate “dysfunction”, the MPA has your clients perform exercises that actually produce data relevant to exercise performance. That means you can get them moving safely and training with a purpose from day 1.

If you’re tired of piecing together multiple assessments, using too many drills and exercises to fix deficiencies, or not knowing exactly which exercises to use with clients right from the get-go, then the Movement Performance Assessment is designed specifically for you.

Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE)

You assess clients all the time, but do you really know what you’re looking for?

Do you wish you had a simple, practical, and reliable way to discover and improve the strength imbalances that are robbing your clients of performance and putting them at risk of injury?

The Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE) is the first evaluation tool that allows you to quickly and easily identify and correct sub-optimal strength imbalances in your clients and athletes that lead to poor performance and increased injury potential.

Featuring 8 critical strength symmetry tests, the SSE is simple to perform, time-efficient, and it blends right into a training session seamlessly.

You’ll gain more clarity on where to focus your training program to deliver demonstrable results that your clients and athletes will love.

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