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Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE)

You assess clients all the time, but do you really know what you’re looking for?

Do you wish you had a simple, practical, and reliable way to discover
and improve the strength imbalances that are robbing your clients of
performance and putting them at risk of injury?

The Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE) is the first evaluation tool
that allows you to quickly and easily identify and correct sub-optimal
strength imbalances in your clients and athletes that lead to poor
performance and increased injury potential.

Featuring 8 critical strength symmetry tests, the SSE is simple to
perform, time-efficient, and it blends right into a training session

You’ll gain more clarity on where to focus your training
program to deliver demonstrable results that your clients and athletes
will love.


Coming Fall 2021

Movement Performance Assessment (MPA)

The Movement Performance Assessment is a simple system for determining which pushing, pulling, knee bend, hip hinge and rotational lifting movement variations best fit your client, and which lifts they should avoid.

Exercises are general, but exercisers are individual. An individualized program isn’t just about what exercises you do and how you do them; it’s also about what exercises you don’t do based on your client’s individual structure, current ability and medical profile.

The Movement Performance Assessment will allow you to quickly analyze relevant lifting movement competency and readiness in order to provide more biomechanically effective and anatomically accurate programs.

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