Check out this body Transformation of Performance U client – Stacey Schaedler

Over the past 8 months, I’ve had the pleasure of doing online training with Stacey Schaedler for her first ever Figure Competition. Stacey contacted me about training for her first Figure show after watching many of Alli’s training videos and reading Alli’s Blog.


Stacey was looking for a more innovative and more “functional” approach to figure training. She came to the right place! 🙂


Stacey’s enthusiasm and positive energy combined with her dedication to a very intense training program and diet, paid off with a first place finish!

IMG 1830

Please join me in congratulating Stacey on her amazing body transformation and on her 1st place finish! You can post your comments and congrats on Stacey’s Blog – She’d love to hear from you!


Check out these pictures chronicling Stacey’s Body Transformation using the workout programs I designed along with her dedication and consistency to training and eating a clean diet – The results speak for themselves!

IMG 0526IMG 0531


IMG 0692IMG 0694


IMG 1069IMG 1073


IMG 1154IMG 1153

MARCH 2010

IMG 1457IMG 1456

APRIL 2010

IMG 1545IMG 1547

MAY 2010



JUNE 5th 2010 – SHOW DAY – Took 1st Place in Novice Figure Tall  – And 4th in Novice Bikini Tall


In those pictures of Stacey above, there’s no photoshop, no airbrushing and no shadowing or fancy make body make-up. It’s just the body Stacey achieved through her hard work and unwavering dedication to following a well designed workout program and clean diet plan.


Stacey – You are an inspiration to us all! – You have made Alli and I so very proud! – I’m lucky to be able to call you a client – Alli and I are both blessed to now also call you a friend!


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