Dave Parise on WHERE exercise REALLY is within our body, Properly choosing exercises & The TRUTH About Upright Rows

As you are already are well aware, here at NickTumminllo.com we bring you nothing but top quality training information that you can immediately use to improve your training programs! Today’s guest post from celebrity personal trainer and exercise expert Dave Parise is absolutely no exception! (You can see Dave’s bio below)


Dave and I speak often by phone to talk shop and exchange ideas. He’s one of the smartest and most passionate guys I know! I just had to have him do a guest post so that everyone could benefit from his vast exercise knowledge, which he is always willing to share for the betterment of the fitness training world.


You can check out Dave’s book “Certified Vs. Qualified: An In-depth Look At the Myth Conceptions of Exercises and How to Excel in the Fitness Industry” on Amazon here.


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Now, before I give Dave the floor,  I will say that there’s a fine line between passion and intensity – Dave is certainly a glaring example of that! Dave did warn me that “My bark, or my bite, I think they are equal! I warn you Nick if you let me out of my cage, I may scare your readers.”


Well, I’m happy to let the dog out of his cage to play for a bit here in my yard where he can’t bite anyone!



When Dave Parise Speaks, YOU Should Listen! – Here’s Dave:


Hey readers of NickTumminello.com – Just being here says you are over and above the rest! 

My discloser: Dave Parise’s statements are based upon continual research via objective evidence. We should be able to point out the objective truth, accept it, remedy it with the realization that it is not that other teaching professionals are wrong; it’s just maybe they are basing everything on the way an exercise feels. They also could be recommending exercises that worked for them. It’s about learning and understanding our shortcomings and solving them for the good of our clients. And unfortunately, many “certified personal trainers” have a tendency to think that those they follow are exempt and free of fault.


• We don’t teach protocols based on marketing!
• We empower you!
• We encourage you to think for yourself!
• We teach you how to make decisions!


Wait there’s more-

Exercise reality is below the skin where bones and tissue tolerate and generate invisible forces. These forces are really what encompass an exercise. This is what we must learn to understand in order to understand exercise and how to create and manipulate it.


So where do we go from here-?

Be analytical; think intuitively about this next “truth”.

Here’s a statement we need to remember, and understand:
“A law in science (anatomy) is different than a judicial law. A judicial law is argument that’s why we go to court. So in physics we have a different law, and you cannot change anatomy and the way it functions. We have changed anatomy based on the way it feels and have now screwed up the system.


The TRUTH About Upright Rows!



upright rows 1


Let me give you an example: let’s embark on an old school exercise. Unfortunately if you visit any fitness center or gym you still see the majority perform this movement.

The up-right-row (straight bar- cables, ropes, it’s all the same) is, in my personal opinion, not the best use of your time. Here’s why:


What’s the goal for barbell upright row? The most popular response is the shoulders. Please do not tell me there is any sport that this can benefit! Well…maybe throwing square bales of hay onto a pick-up truck? Well, that’s very specific!


Most people who perform upright rows have a goal of building their shoulders (maximizing muscle hypertrophy). However, we have some muscles that retract the shoulder blades, elevate, depress, protract and flex, depending on the direction of resistance, body position, and path of motion. We also have specific muscles in that region, you see in the mirror, the rhomboids, rear deltoid group, traps, and anterior aspects of the front deltoid.


shoulder 300x261 1


The traps for example, which I am specifically referring to the upper fibers that insert to the occipital ridge, (the base of the skull) to the spine of the scapula. The way the fiber runs determines its action in anatomical positioning (standing straight). So, why if the goal were traps, would you not perform shoulder blade elevation? (Shrugs) If our goal is rear delts, or front delts, and everything in between, then why don’t we perform exercises that really emphasize that region, like shoulder retraction, and scaption, which is a front raise with the humerus in line with the spine of the scapula, shrugs, and/or cable side raises?


Let’s go through the motion of an Upright Row:

– You’re going to pronate, and then grab the bar. When you pronate, your body works as an independent system. In other words, you can’t pronate and keep proper congruency with the shoulder blades and humerus. It is impossible to keep a neutral position, so our bodies compensate. However, with a straight bar we are connected.


– At the start of your pull, we are starting in a closed  (hands fixed) position. This means we can pull a lot of load.


– The motion we’re performing when we start a pull with a bar with is abduction; the humerus is abducting. There is no way to get proper concentric contractions when our shoulder joint is not properly aligned. You may be thinking you have to pull the bar all the way to your forehead or under our chin. So what do you do? You externally rotate because of a bump (boney process) to get the bar all the up to the chin or higher. Humeral abduction with external rotation with load at the top is one of the highest risk exercises on the planet!


Moreover, you go from a closed chain (strong) to an open chain at the top (weak) fully loaded. Meaning, the load is mechanically much heavier at the top range! We have now taken this load to the weakest system we have in the human body, an externally rotated position. So now you are creating all kinds of stress and strain on the joints, along with impingement and a host of other disproportionate forces.


– Plus, look at the wrist joint look normal, safe or about to snap? This is an extreme high risk position for the entire shoulder girdle complex. Epicondylitis anyone?


The way I see it – An upright row, based on microanatomy, is nothing more then a major nonfunctional way to perform a screwed up side raise, with a small shrug!


Reality & Risk vs. Reward

In reality there is no barrier dividing one type of exercise from another. There is no such thing as a “wrong” exercise…just a risk and benefit ratio. The truth is that there is a spectrum or a continuum between user-controlled and machine guided. Knowing how to create everything in between and when to use each is a perspective and skill that most benefits everyone.


REMEMBER – Just because you can do it- doesn’t mean you should!



Dave’s Bio:

40093 415837824052 540159052 4737815 6740475 n 225x300 1Dave Parise is a recognized leader in the fitness industry. On the cutting edge of exercise today, Mr. Parise has been noted as one of the “Top 100 Trainers” in the United States. Parise has 24 years of experience in Human Performance and Exercise Science. Mr. Parise works with notable celebrities and personalities in the New York City,and Boston.  Dave was born and raised in Hamden CT. Parise retired from competitive bodybuilding to establish a private one-on-one personal training facility in 1986.  Discouraged with common “gym science” and compulsory movements, Parise set out to change the fitness industry.  He set out to accomplish new standards and fill a desperate need; to establish proper training methods based on the function of one’s individual anatomy, not a manufactured machine. He did just that.

Over the past twenty years, Parise completed numerous advanced level certifications including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, C.S.C.S. and R.T.S level two. Parise’s publications for Status CT, Better Health Magazine, Mens Fitness, I.D.E.A. personal trainer magazine, and the New York Times. Mr. Parise has educated over 5,000 professionals at his fit-pro academy school. He has been called “The Trainers Trainer”. Dave’s recent two mpublications for the industry are changing the way trainers look at the body “Certified vs. Qualified” and “Anatomical Profitability”.  Featured in Connecticut Magazine, The New York Times, Golf Digest cover story, his expertise was also spotlighted on WTNH-TV News 8, Fox, “Dave Parise’s Corporate Health Tip of the Week. Wake up your workout, and his “Nuke 25” fitness program.


Contact Dave at his personal website www.daveparise.com. Or, through his gym website www.resultsplus.com if you’re looking for top notch personal training in the  Hamden, CT area.

If you’r a Fitness professional who’s interested in learning more about Dave’s professional education programs. Go to  www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com



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