Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Common Form Mistakes & Corrections

The dumbbell shoulder press exercise is a movement that I often see done in a more risky manner due to people commonly making the same technique mistakes.

In this video I cover the common technique mistakes I see made when performing the dumbbell shoulder press and also demonstrate the technique cues I use in a effort to make this exercise as protective and productive as possible.


Scapular Plane:

1. Johnston TB. Movements of the shoulder joint — plea for use of “plane of the scapula” as a plane of reference for movements occurring in at humeroscapula joint. Br J Surg. 1937; 25: 252.

2. Greenfield B. Special considerations in shoulder exercises: plane of the scapula. In: Andrews JR, Wilk KE. The Athlete’s Shoulder. New York: Churchill Livingstone; 1994: 513-522.

Patterns of subacromial contact (i.e., Shoulder Impingement):

As I mentioned in the video, this study (citation below) demonstrates that every time you raise your arm there is some level of contact of the rotator cuff on the acromion. So, there is always some level of “impingment” with arm elevation, you just don’t want excessive contact that causes irritation and inflammation, which can lead to “shoulder impingement syndrome.”

1. Flatow EL, et al. Excursion of the rotator cuff under the acromion. Patterns of subacromial contact. Am J Sports Med. 1994 Nov-Dec;22(6):779-88.

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