Dumbbell Uppercuts – The Best Strength Exercise You’re NOT Using!

I just returned from giving two workshops at the AFPA Sports & Fitness conference in Ocean City MD. What a fun time it was to interact with some other of the industry’s top professionals and teach the best Fitness Professionals the area has to offer! Although all the traveling involved can get exhausting and all the teaching is very labor intensive – I can’t help but leave Fitness Conferences like this one with more energy and enthusiasm than when I first arrived!


Now, I’m back home and ready to bring some of that energy and enthusiasm to each and every one of my clients. And, I’m ready to bring it here to you! Check out today’s video featuring one of my favorite dumbell exercises variations: The Dumbbell Upper Cut.


If you are not familiar with Dumbbell Uppercuts done Performance U style – I highly suggest you watch the video below. There’s a wide variety of strength training exercises out there. But, you won’t find any one exercise that can get more good things happening with your body than Dumbbell Uppercuts done Performance U style! You’ll see this exercise builds upper body strength, torso rotational strength, Hip mobility, shoulder stability, core stability and increases your ability to transfer force efficiently from the ground up!



Key Points on Using Dumbbell Uppercuts!


– This should NOT be considered  a “boxing specific” exercise. Although it can help the boxing athlete, all athletes can benefit from this exercise.

– Use heavy Dumbbells to increase total body pushing strength. Heavier loads will force you to initiate the movement from your legs to help drive the Dumbbells up overhead. Much like a variation of a push-jerk.

– Use lighter dumbbells with this exercise to either use it as “active recovery” between more intense exercises. Or, include this exercise as a station within a metabolic conditioning circuit.

– Be sure to rotate from your hips and turn your foot in toward the midline on each repetition.

– Be sure to maintain optimal posture, timing and rhythm through the exercise.


Let us know your thoughts, experiences and methods using Dumbbell Uppercuts by posting your comments below!


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