Eating for Performance and Fat Loss

Goal Specific Eating

When it’s all said and done, there are really only two types of training goals:

To build up (gain strength, size, speed, etc.)


To tear down (reduce body fat, cut weight, etc.)

These two goals are very different, but when it comes to nutrition, there are only minor differences, which I will be addressing in this post and a few upcoming posts.

This is precisely why I grouped both Strength Training for Fat Loss and Conditioning training together in the same program.

I wanted to kick things off by talking about diets. 


When it comes to getting healthy or starting to train harder for an upcoming competition, sporting event or beach appearance, most folks go on some sort of diet.


There are essentially three different types of diets:


Diets that cut calories

Diets that cut out fat

Diets that cut out carbs


For the most part, I don’t recommend any of them.

My next post (tomorrow) will explore each diet style in detail and explain exactly why I choose not use it:

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