FREE Audio Interview on Fat Loss, Functional Training & More! Plus, My 2011 Canada Workshops in Windsor, Winnipeg & Vancouver


Today’s post is dedicated to my fitness family in Canada! First up, I’ve got a link to a very cool, FREE audio interview I did with Canadian trainer Dan Go (aka: The Fat Loss Ninja). Second, I’ve got the dates for my three upcoming live workshops in Canada!


FREE AUDIO Interview w/ Dan Go – The Fat Loss Ninja!

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Go here to listen to my latest audio interview with Dan Go. This interview is only about 30min long and it’s JAM-PACKED with immediately applicable and Battle-tested training info – Performance U style!


In this interview you’ll discover:

– My take on FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: what it is (to me), how I use it and what popular methods I don’t use in regards to “functional exercise.”


– The funny saying I used as a young kid to tell all the other kids at school about my mom and her bodybuilding.


– The one single piece of fitness equipment I’d bring with me if I were stranded on a desert island. My answer surprised Dan and it’ll probably surprise you too!


– The only difference between how I train my active senior citizens to how I train elite/Pro athletes.


– How I use Fat Loss programs for my Female Figure Competitors and Fitness Models.


– How I use Metabolic Finishers in my fat loss programs


– My 3 Biggest mistakes most gym goers make!


And much more! Click here to listen to this FREE interview!




My 2011 Live Workshops in Canada!

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be teaching some live workshops in three different locations throughout Canada in October and November. And, I have to warn you “when Coach Nick comes to town – the whole town shuts down!”


Well, not really, but it sounds cool to say 🙂 Here’s the info for each 2011 Canadian workshops!



The Windsor PT Summit Oct 21-23 2011


I’ll be the keynote presenter: teaching a Pre-confernce workshop on Oct 21st and 3 interactive workshops on Oct 22nd.


Go here for more info and to register for the 2011 Windsor PT Summit.


This event is presented in partneship with Can-Fit-Pro


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The Manitoba Fitness Council’s MOMENTUM 2011 Conference,  October 22 – 23, 2011 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


I’ll be the keynote presenter: teaching three interactive workshops and one lecture on Sun, Oct 23rd.


Go here to learn more and to register for the MFC’s MOMENTUM 2011 Conference.


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2-Day / 14hr Vancouver BC Intensive Workshop, Sponsored by Exercises For Injuries on Saturday, November 19 & Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is an exclusive Performance U educational event held by my friend Rick Keselj from


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Here’s a video, which gives you an overview of what you get from attending this awesome event in beautiful Vancouver BC!



As I said in the video above, this will be the “mother load” of courses, which will cover 5 different important aspects of training. I invite fitness pros of all levels for an amazing weekend of learning and hands-on practice – Performance U style!


I rarely teach full weekend seminars like this and usual only do talks at various conferences around the world. So, this is a very special event that’s not to be missed!


Go here to learn more and to register now for this event (before Oct 1st) and save $50!



Please comment below and let me know what you thought of the interview, what you’d like to hear me talk about in future interviews. And, if you’ll be attending any of my Canadian tour dates.




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