FREE CREATINE REPORT! How to use Creatine, Loading, Safety, Side Effects, Cycling, Best kind & More…

I’m super-excited to announce that the CREATINE REPORT is NOW AVAILABLE for INSTANT DOWNLOAD – 100% FREE!

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The CREATINE REPORT is the Most Comprehensive, Unbiased, Research-based resource on Creatine Ever Written!

You’ll Discover the absolute TRUTH about: 
– What creatine is 
– How it works 
– Why it works 
– Who should use it 
– How to use it 
– How much to take 
– How, when, and why to load creatine 
– How to cycle it 
– How much water to drink while using creatine 
– The best type of creatine 
– The safety and potential side effects of creatine 
– Whether creatine is safe for children 
And, much more…


To download The Protein Report to your computer for viewing or printing right click the cover and select “Save As” on a PC

or Right Click/Control Click the desired item and select ”Save Linked File” on a Mac.

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Lou Schuler and I teamed up on the Creatine Report to help everyone see through the confusion, and to put a stop to the misinformation about Creatine by providing a FREE (evidenced based) resource, which provides the simple, No BS answers to ALL of your Creatine Questions!

It’s no secret that there’s way too much confusion and blatant misinformation out there in regards to everything from supplements, to nutrition, to training. And, Creatine is no exception! Not doing something about it makes you a part of the problem. But, taking action to provide people with THE TRUTH makes you part of the solution! That’s why we encourage you to SHARE the CREATINE REPORT!

Feel free to copy the cover image and provide the actual PDF of the Creatine Report (as an instant download) on YOUR OWN BLOG, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, NEWSLETTER, etc.

Or, you can simply send people to

We also have this short video (you can also share), which describes the Creatine Report and where you can instantly download it!

 We want the world to know the TRUTH about creatine,and we hope you do to!

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