FREE Video Interview & The 2 Fat Loss Foods You Should NEVER Be Without!

Today’s post is a double whammy – I’ve got a killer video interview for Personal Trainers and I’ve got my two foods anyone looking to lose fat or stay lean should never be without!



#1 Food You should never be without – Stevia Packets



Water should always be your go-to drink. But, sometimes its nice to drink something a little sweeter if you’re out to lunch or dinner – Like, maybe an Iced Tea? Whip out your stevia packets and you’re ready to rock!


If you think Stevia is some how unhealthy or dangerous, I have to say that you’re misinformed. In this article, Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD, RD tells you everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) about the science on stevia.


#2 Food You Should Never Be Without – Hot Sauce



Let’s face it, healthy food like lean meats and green veggies are fairly bland in taste. But, those foods should be the basis of your diet if you’re looking for a lean physique. Hot sauce is great way to spice up those bland foods you need to eating in order to see those abs!


This Texas Pete Hot Sauce cost around $1 per bottle. And, the bottles are small enough to carry around in your purse or glove box. Since most restaurant have hot sauce, you only need to carry it with you to places like airports or when you’re eating on the go.


Plus, in this post, Mike T Nelson show you research showing how Hot Peppers can actually help you burn more calories and lose fat faster!



FREE Video Interview for Trainers & Coaches!


Check out my latest FREE VIDEO INTERVIEW w/ Judd Borakove. This video interview is non-stop and jam packed with the simple, NO BS training philosophies and techniques we use daily here at Performance U!


I’ve done lots of interviews in the last few years and enjoyed them all. But, this latest interview with Judd ranks up there with one my favorites since it was done live on video.




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