Glutes & Back Workout for Women – Figure Training Super Set

Today’s post is dedicated to the ladies! – I’ve got a great video featuring a killer glutes and back super-set workout I use with my female figure training clients. And, with my women exercise enthusiasts who are simply trying to look their best!


If you’re a male trainer working with ladies who are looking to build a great looking rear-end and a nice back (V-taper), this Performance u Glutes/Back super-set is just what the women’s workout doctor ordered!


Before we get to today’s video, I have a small announcement for all of you Female Trainers/Athletes located in the Tampa Florida area – I’ll be teaching some workshops (THIS WEEK) on March 25th & 26th 2011 at Shapes Fitness in Brandon. Go here for more info and to sign up now! I hope to see you there!


Alright, now on to today’s Women’s workout video! – Check out this Glutes & Back combination super-set workout:


In the above video, she is training her back and arms (Pulling muscles) on the left side, while hitting her glutes and hamstrings on the right side. This method of training is what is called “contralateral training”.


Put simply, in most functional activities (like walking or throwing), your right shoulder works with your left hip and vice versa – Which,  is the exact same thing we are doing in the above super-set – making it a very functional workout for the glutes and back!


All that said, this super-set may not look all that tough. But, let me assure you the first move (with the cable) with have your glute on FIRE! The second just putts the icing on the cake. The back portion of this workout is more obvious because of all the rowing involved.


When using the Performance U – Glute/Back super set, I recommend performing 10-14 reps of each exercise for 3-4 sets. Rest no more than 30 seconds between sides.


Give this Super-set workout a try and let me know what you think here on the commenst section. Also, what are your favorite female workout tips, tricks and techniques!


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