Hip Thrust Exercise – Proper Form, Variations & Progressions w/ Bret Contreras

I’m excited to bring you today’s post on one of the ultimate glutes exercises: the Hip Thrust!

The Hip Thrust is a favorite glutes training exercise among ALL of the athletes and fitness clients here at Performance U.


– The women love it because it helps lift and tighten their butt

– Our Bodybuilders love it because it really isolates the glutes and can be used to help develop increased glute muscle size

– Our athletes love the Hip Thrust exercise because it helps them run faster, jump higher and become generally more explosive.

– The folks suffering from ” a bad back” enjoy the hip thrust exercise because it’s very spine sparing.


As a Coach & Trainer, I like the Hip Thrust exercise because it’s versatile, safe, easy to learn and hits the glutes in a different manner than other traditional lower-body exercise like squats, deadlifts and lunges.


The video below shows my very good friend, fellow Fitness Professional and inventor of the Hip Thrust exercise: Bret (the Glute Guy) Contreras. If you want to learn the safest, most effective methods for applying a technique, go to the source from where the information comes from! Bret’s Hip Thrust exercise is often imitated – never duplicated!


In the video below, Bret discusses proper Hip Thrust form and shows a multitude of Hip Thrusts variations and progressions anyone can immediately apply to enhance the effectiveness of their glute training workout.


Bret Contreras, along with the briliant Leigh Peele, recently posted some great reviews of the new Joint Friendly Strength Training 2DVD set. Be sure to check out Bret’s JFST DVD review and Leigh’s JFST DVD review.



Finally, if you’re not reading Bret’s Blog, you’re are absolutely missing out on some amazing training information coming from a guy who only know’s how to over-deliver!

The value of the non-biased, scientifically based and easy-to-apply concepts & techniques Bret Contreras regularly provides at his website, far exceeds the time it takes you to read his (sometimes lengthy) Blogs.


Here’s a few of my Favorite Blog posts by Bret:

– The Hip Thrust – Spread the Word

Gluteal Goddess Workout

– A Blog About Squat, Deadlift, and Hip Thrust Form



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