The Hypertrophy Training Program Design: The Alternate Undulate-Method Course

Hypertrophy training is fundamentally different from athletic or strength training, and pretending it isn’t leads to subpar results. Yet most experts address hypertrophy programming from a general scientific perspective, not a goal-specific one. While they cover basic physiology and discuss the standard scientific principles of exercise and periodization, they fail to offer the clear, practical programming instructions you need to be successful.

In this course, coach Nick Tumminello gives you all-access into his Hypertrophy Training Program Design workshop. Here you’ll learn the practical, real-world strategies he uses to develop muscle-building workout routines, including the Alternate-Undulate Method — his remarkably effective, easy-to-use programming system specifically developed for maximizing muscle growth.

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Here is just a small sampling of what Nick covered at the Hypertrophy Training Program Design course:

  • How to use Nick Tumminello’s Alternate-Undulate Method for designing effective hypertrophy training programs for figure athletes, physique competitors, bodybuilders, or anyone looking to maximize muscle growth.
  • A simple but effective “plug-and-play” training system that offers a fully customizable programming framework, for better long-term hypertrophy training plans.
  • Coach Nick’s Top 6 Overload Protocols for hypertrophy training and how to incorporate them into the Alternate-Undulate Method.
  • The 4 types of Set-Spicers, and how to use them to vary the basic muscle-building exercises in not-so-basic ways to create a new training stimulus and spice up your training.
  • The 2 Phases of the Alternate-Undulate Method of hypertrophy training.
  • How the Alternate-Undulate Method combines linear and undulating periodization to ensure every program has enough consistency for continuous progress, but also variety so each program is comprehensive, interesting, and effective.
  • Practical programming recommendations for how to set up weekly training splits, based not just on the number of training days per week, but on what body-parts are higher priority.
  • Nick’s “go-to” set/rep schemes to use in the Alternate-Undulate Method.

While the everyday “exercise enthusiast” searching for a simple guide to putting together effective workouts will like the step-by-step format of this course, the seasoned fitness professional will also appreciate the principle-based programming methods. Both users will come away with year’s worth of exciting new ideas and organizational strategies for hypertrophy training.

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