I have a HUGE Announcement! And, Here it is…

Today, I actually some major (good) news and some minor bad news.

The bad news is that I injured my finer tendon/pulley last night while Bouldering (in-door rock climbing).  I heard/felt a big “pop” in the bottom of my right ring finger. I’ll be getting it looked at by a hand specialist ASAP and keep you posted on what’s going on. But, I sure can’t climb or pick up heavy things for at least a few weeks at the least. Which also means I’ve got to get creative and find some innovative ways to still train hard while not being limited by this damn finger injury. I’m kind of excited about that because as you know, designing creative exercise solutions is what I do best. 🙂


And now for the good news! – It’s actually more like a major announcment.


Watch this video to discover my BIG Announcement!


One thing I didn’t mention in the video above is that I’ll also be posting some very cool Strength & Conditioning videos on Jaco’s website. My videos will be featured on Jaco’s community page, along with additional training videos from UFC fighters like Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera.


Performance U is taking over in 2011 baby!

More cool announcements to come!

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