Inside a Figure Athletes Workout with Alli Mckee

As you may or may not know, my girlfriend, Alli Mckee, is also a Strength Coach and active Figure Competitor.

You may have read her  awesome Figure Athlete article.

Without getting too sappy, Alli and I have a relationship that most others dream of but few are lucky enough to actually achieve. We do just about evrything together but still can’t seem to get enough of the other person.

One of the things we love to do together is train. Suprising coming form two strength coaches. 🙂

Sometimes we workout together and other times Alli trains with me as her trainer. We are both currently working very hard to get her in “show shape” for an upcoming figure competition in Washington DC on November 13th.

Like myself, Alli has a real passion for training and helping others. That passion is made obvious once you read Alli’s Blog dedicated to Strength and Fat Loss for Female Athletes.

Unlike many fitness Bloggers these days, Alli doesn’t care about selling products or advertising. Therefore, you won’t find any of that on her Blog.

What you will find on Alli’s Blog is pure, 100% practical, battle tested training information and motivation for Female athletes.

From now until her show, Alli will be providing readers with everything she is doing to get her body transformed from fit female to figure competitor.

That’s right, Alli is giving you, day by day, her entire workout program from specific exercises to the specific  sets, reps, rest.

Plus, Alli is an amazing writer and fantastic motivator. After reading Alli’s Blog, you not only will want to go out and train, but you will know exaclty how to do it.

On top of that, this is your chance to get access to one of my Figure Athlete training programs. I would never allow anyone else to just give away one of my programs but it’s my girlfriend and I would do anything for her. So, be sure to comment on Alli’s Blog and thank her for convincing me to give away some of my closely guarded training secrets. 🙂

Here’s a video of Alli in action!

Go to Alli Mckee’s Blog

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