Is Organic Food Healthier?

Here on this site, I pride myself on delivering the smartest, most innovative and most effective strength and conditioning concepts available.

That said, it’s well understood that nutrition is major factor in getting stronger and improving your overall fitness, conditioning and physical appearance.

So, for my next few posts, I’m going to provide you with some eye opening knowledge about Organic Foods.

First up, I’m going to address the TRUTH about the claims that Organic Food is healthier than non-organic food.

Read this statement written by Dr. Rob Johnston in his article entitled

The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford

” To quote Hohenheim University: “No clear conclusions about the quality of organic food can be reached using the results of present literature and research results.” What research there is does not support the claims made for organic food.

Large studies in Holland, Denmark and Austria found the food-poisoning bacterium Campylobacter in 100 per cent of organic chicken flocks but only a third of conventional flocks; equal rates of contamination with Salmonella (despite many organic flocks being vaccinated against it); and 72 per cent of organic chickens infected with parasites.

This high level of infection among organic chickens could cross-contaminate non-organic chickens processed on the same production lines. Organic farmers boast that their animals are not routinely treated with antibiotics or (for example) worming medicines. But, as a result, organic animals suffer more diseases. In 2006 an Austrian and Dutch study found that a quarter of organic pigs had pneumonia against 4 per cent of conventionally raised pigs; their piglets died twice as often.

Disease is the major reason why organic animals are only half the weight of conventionally reared animals – so organic farming is not necessarily a boon to animal welfare.”

I have nothing personal against Organic Foods. In fact, I’ve  shopped organic for years. However, I do have something against being uninformed.

I have to admit that upon spending a few hours a week investingating Organic Foods, I’ve been shocked at what I’ve discovered.

I will be hitting you with a great deal of these discoveries and Truths about Organic Foods in upcoming posts so keep checking back. I promise that you don’t want to miss a single post!

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