KettleBell Rotary Swing – New KettleBell core exercise!

Man, I love me some Kettlebell training!

It’s a fun, safe and versatile training method most athletes can use to improve thier strength, power, power-endurnace and/or work capacity. Of course, which of the above qualities you improve upon is dependent on the load, sets, reps, rest intervals etc: you use.


That said, regardless of  how you’re training with the KettleBell. The one weakness to kettlebell exercises we’ve found, is the general lack of of pure transverse plane rotation.


Yes, there can be and element of rotation when you only use one arm to perform your kettlebell exercises. But, that’s only a minor amount of rotation compared to what’s needed to perform optimally in sports like golf, baseball, boxing, etc:


So, in true Performance U fashion, we’ve developed a way to use the unique properties of the kettlebell to enhance rotary strength and core power.


Check out the video below and discover how to safely and effectively perform the Performance U – Kettlebell Rotary Swing!


Coaching Tips on using the KettleBell Rotary Swing:

– This is an advanced rotary training exercise! This exercise should only be used by exercisers who are familiar with rotary training and posses a solid foundation of core strength.

– Do not perform this exercise if you back problems!

– The average (non-athlete) fitness client does NOT need to use this exercise as a regular part of their training. Here at Performance U, we reserve the Rotary KB swing to only our advanced rotary athletes.

– Be sure to stay tall when performing this movement!

– Be sure that your hips and shoulders rotate at the same rate as you perform this exercise. This helps spare the spine. If your hips don’t move, the force is transferred mostly to the spine which is NOT optimal and/or safe. Watch this video for more info on how to spare the spine during rotational exercises.

– Perform 3-6 reps on each side

– Due to the explosive nature of this exercise. And, the fact your torso must not only work to accelerate the KB  but, also work to decelerate the KB by controlling it’s momentum. This exercise should be placed toward the beginning of your workout because it’s a high CNS demand exercise.

– Don’t go too heavy with the KB! Remember: we want speed in this exercise!


Give the KettleBell Rotary Swing exercise a try and please post your questions and feedback below!


Lastly, if you’re looking for some great resources on KettleBell training. Here’s a few of my favorites:

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KettleBell Athletics : Jason C Brown

Dan John

Applied Strength : Brett Jones

Full Kontact : Steve Cotter

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