Kettlebell & TRX Suspension Training Workout – Superset 1 of 3

Today’s post kicks off a 3-part series on my favorite Kettlebell & TRX Suspension Training superset Workouts!


In this post and the next two to follow, I’m going to show you a different Kettlebell & TRX workout circuit, which I use to help my clients and athletes get into great shape while getting a safe, fun and effective workout using two great pieces of training equipment: the TRX Suspension Trainer and a KettleBell!


Before I show you the first video – I’ve got HUGE NEWS!


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Okay, now that you know about the coolest, most fun and interactive event of 2012: The Strength Cruise – Here’s the first video of my TRX KettleBell workout superset series, which combines the TRX One Arm Row (anti-rotation exercise) with the Performance U- KettleBell Shoulder to Shoulder Press!




As you can see from the video this Kettlebell TRX Suspension Training workout circuit is no joke! And make no mistake, in addtion to the pushing and pulling actions going on, this superset really strengthens your abdominal muscles by 1) preventing trunk rotation (anti-rotation) during the rows and 2) preventing lateral trunk flexion (anti-lateral flexion) during the shoulder to shoulder press!


Stay tuned for part 2 of my Kettlebell and TRX workout routines coming soon!

And, don’t forget to check out all the info on the best damn fitness conference of 2012 – First Annual Strength Cruise!



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