KettleBell TRX Workout #3 of 3 – Atomic Push Up & Swings

I came home yesterday from an amazing speaking trip to Windsor and Winnepeg Canada where I racked up 17hrs of teaching at two different conferences in 3-days. As tiring as it was, the attendees and the staff at the Windsor PT Summit and at the Manitoba Fitness Council’s MOMENTUM Conference were nothing short of fantastic to deal with. So a BIG THANKS goes out to each and every one of you for showing me a wonderful and memorable time. I hope to see you all again next year!


Now, what wasn’t so easy on me was coming home to see my Baltimore Ravens look like a high school team on offense on Monday Night Football against the (1-5) Jaguars. I’m still depressed about that as I am with the recent death of a former client of mine: Orlando “Zeus” Brown who played for the Ravens and Browns in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s been a long while since I’ve even seen Orlando and I only got to work with him here and there. But it’s still a depressing reality check that life is short.


Alright, let’s wrap up my 3-Part Kettlebell TRX workout superset series with the third and final installment!


Kettlebell Swings & TRX Atomic Push Ups!



One thing about the TRX Atomic Push Ups: If I’m working with a few people at once, I’ll use a small stability ball for this move instead of using the TRX. I don’t like the extra time it takes for some folks to get their feet set up properly in the TRX when they can do the same exercise on the ball, without the additional set up time. Just a little tip from the trenches 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this 3-part TRX + Kettlebell workout supersets series. Both pieces of equipment are great to use and work well together if you know how to use them safely and effectively.


If you missed part 2 in this series click here. And, click here to see part one.



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