Leg Circuit Workout – How to combine singe leg squats, lunges and jumps exercises to make an awesome metabolic leg complex!

Today’s post comes to you from Beijing China! I’m honored to be here teaching here for the second year in a row at the National Certified Fitness Instructor Conference (NCFIC), Sept 23-25 2011.


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Myself and my great friend Dr. Mark McKean (from Aus) are the only two english speaking presenters here at the conference. He and I are each teaching three workshops. Check out how cool our Bios and course descriptions look when written in Chinese!


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One of the courses I’m teaching here in Beijing is titled SECRETS OF SINGLE LEG TRAINING! This course is inspired by my latest DVD project of the same name, which is currently in the final stages of production.


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I can’t yet give away too much information about this project, but I can tell you that THIS DVD IS the most comprehensive resource on Single Leg Training, Assessments & Corrections, and Coaching Strategies ever assembled!



Now that I’ve got you excited for what’s to come, lets talk how to perform one of my favorite leg circuit workouts!


This Leg Complex (in the video below) is what I call a single leg complex because each of the four  lower-body exercises involved are unilateral leg training exercises.


In the video, I’m teaching Beijing’s best fitness professionals how to incorporate  single leg squats or split squats, lunges and jump variations into a Performance U style leg circuit workout that’ll get your legs burning, lungs pumping and give you the lower-body power endurance to outlast anyone!




Today (Sunday, Sept 25 – China is 12hrs ahead of the US) will be our last day teaching here in Beijing. We got here on Wednesday the 21st, and everyday has gone by so fast that I can’t believe that yet another amazing trip to China has almost come and gone!


As we have done so far with each day here, we’re definitely going to make the most of this trip by sight seeing, shopping, eating the food and interacting with the Chinese trainers, who are so happy and grateful that we are here! I’ve take lots of pics and video clips. So, you can look for a full recap of my 2011 China trip soon to come! In the meantime, here’s some stuff you may want to check out:


To learn more about Dr.Mark McKean – Check out his awesome and informative  website here.


To learn more about Leg Circuit Workouts, the Super Legs Workout and Leg Complexes I use – Go here, here and here.



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