Medicine Ball Workout – Power Endurance Exercise Circuit

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Now, on to today’s Medicine Ball workout video!


Metabolic Medicine Ball Workout


The video below shows me “gettin after it” with a 4kg medicine ball during an outdoor metabolic workout. This medicine ball workout is fun, intense and just plain tough!


It involves four different medicine ball throws each performed at maximal effort:

8x Vertical Push Press Throw

16x Soccer Throw (alternating legs, 8 reps per leg)

16x Side Rotary Throw (alternating sides, 8 reps per side)

8x Overhead Slams

Perform 4-5 sets with 2-3minutes rest between sets.


Here’s the video…


I know this workout doesn’t look all that difficult on the video. But, trust me when I say “it’s tough!”.

Remember, I’m not just throwing the ball each time – I’m throwing the ball with every ounce of power I can generate! That’s a total of 48 maximal effort reps!


Medicine ball workouts are not about the exercises. Instead, they’re about the amount of intensity you put behind each rep. That’s why I love training with the medicine ball. It allows you to fully express your power in an athletic, task driven manor that’s fun to do!


Give this Medicine Ball workout a try and let me know what you think – Especially all you MMA athletes out there!

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