My Top 2 Old School Hip Mobility Drills – You’ve probably forgotten about!

Here are my 2 Favorite Old School hip mobility drills, which seem to have been forgotten for one reason or another. I’ve updated these 2 old school drills a bit to fit with what I believe is safe and effective for most clients to use as part of their dynamic stretching warm up to improve/maintain optimal hip mobility from a standing position.


Check out these Old School Hip Mobility Drills with alittle NEW School, Performance U style!


Legs Swings

Here’s how we do the Leg Swings exercise as part of our Dynamic Stretching and Hip Mobility training:




Hip Circles

Here’s how I like to perform the hip circles exercise. I’ve been doing this mobility drill since Elementary school and, in my opinion, it’s one of the best overall mobility and dynamic flexibility drills you can perform. We use Hip Circles as a part of a comprehensive mobility routine to improve/ maintain optimal functional mobility levels in ankles, hips and lumbar spine.



If YOU have any favorite Old School Hip mobility drills, please comment below and tell us about it!



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