My Top 3 Personal Trainer Mistakes & Top 3 Client Mistakes!

I’m incredibly honored and excited to be the  featured “MaxFit Guy” in the new, May/June 2011 issue of Maximum Fitness magazine, on pg.116-117!


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I’m used to writing articles about training. But, it’s an incredible feeling to have an article written about me, my life and my work both as a trainer and as an international fitness presenter!  Especially in one of the best Men’s Health & Fitness magazines out there: Maximum Fitness!


Read my MaxFit article by Clicking this link: Nick Tumminello story-MAXFIT LIFE


In the article, I provide what I feel are the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made by Personal Trainers. Plus,  I also revealed my Top 3 Workout Mistakes Made by Exercisers/Clients – Here they are:


Top 3 Personal Trainer Mistakes!


1. Having clients lift weights on a stability ball.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe’?”. Unstable base training isn’t the best choice for optimizing strength, muscle size or performance.


Plus, there could be some serious dangers to using weight while on a stability ball. I covered these topics and the research in this blog post – Swiss Ball Training.


2. Doing too many damn crunches!

Most people sit in a crunched, slouchy posture all day at their desks – Why would I give them 100-plus crunches to encourage the same posture?. Crunches won’t kill you, but there are plenty of better, more challenging and more efficient ways to train your abs!


Here’s what I feel to be one of the best Abs exercises you can use to replace endless crunches and get better results from your abs training workouts! I call it “The Single Best Abs Exercise” or, “SBA’s” for short!



3. Not offering a truly personalized program.

Instructors train their clients according to their own personal bias – Pilates instructors preach Pilates only; power-lifter trainers preach heavy weights. All those approaches can work, but are they what their clients really need to achieve their desired results?


Unless you’re looking for a specific niche, don’t go with a trainer who specializes in a style, system or piece of equipment: Kettlebell specialist, Pilates specialist, etc: There’s nothing wrong with these approaches, but you won’t get a personalized program



Top 3 Client/Exerciser Mistakes!


1. Having a random exercise plan and stringing together workout routines in a haphazard fashion.

It’s crucial to have a specific periodized training plan, which involves repeating certain workouts using the progressive overload principle. If you goal is to build muscle  and/or improve sports performance, not just to workout simply for the fun of breaking a sweat and moving your body. Then you need to be doing a specific training program, not just randomized workouts!


2. Trying to out train a bad diet.

Just because you had a big party night and scarfed down a sumo wrestlers’ portion of food, it doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself in the gym the next day.  This is unhealthy and not what’s needed to achieve good health and a good- looking physique.


3. Ignoring mobility workouts.

Some may call it stretching, but proper mobility training is more dynamic in nature and has a more functional carry-over. Mobility work allows you to stay mobile and keep your joints healthy as you move them in ways you don’t in the weight room.


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