My Top 5 “Go-To” Exercises!

Recently, I did this FREE Interview with Coach Brendan Chaplin where he asked me about my 5 Top, “Go-To” exercises that I use for just about all of my clients and athletes. I discussed lots of great training info in this interview. But I thought my answer in regards to my 5 “Go-To” exercises was worth is own post here today.


Before I hit you my list of the Top 5 Exercises I use with almost everyone I train –


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My Top 5 ‘go to’ exercises for athletes and fitness clients!


1. Romanian Deadlifts

What’s more functional or real world then picking up something and putting it back down? I don’t think there’s a sport or life activity that DeadLifts, especially the Romanian Deadlift can’t help in some way!



2. Anterior Lunges

It’s basically a single leg deadlift variation. So, I like this move for the same reasons as I like DLs! Plus, you also get the benefits of single leg training!




3. Push Ups (& about 50 different variations)

The Push Up exercise is natural, extremely versatile (100s of variations), battle-tested and it can be done anywhere!  What else can a fitness enthusiast ask for?


Here’s how to perform a Perfect Push Up – Performance U style!


Note: I’m proud to say that this Push Up video was so popular when I first posted it that it made the front page of Youtube under “Trending Videos.”


Check out all these great Push Up variations from my friend Martin Rooney!




4. Free Standing Dumbbell Rows

This move combines the benefits of a deadlift with a rowing action.  And, it teaches you how to use your right shoulder with your left hip and vice versa! That’s the Serape Effect at work!


This is another one of those actions that all movements and sports and life involve to some degree.


5. Band Tight Rotations (aka. Pallof Press 2.0)

This exercise is simple to learn, easy to apply and it trains your torso from a standing position while integrating in the lower-body and the upper-body! That’s total-body functional core training at it’s finest! Plus, people just dig this exercise because they can “really feel it in their abs.”


Go here see the rest of my Free interview with Brendan Chaplin where we discuss:


– The difference between my background to most other coaches/ fitness trainers, and how it gives me a unique and different perspective.

– The TRUTH About Joint Friendly Training and Corrective Exercise

– If Squats and Deadlifts are all the core training you need?

– Single Legs vs Double Leg training: Which is best?

– Training Kids

– The TRUTH About Recovery & Regeneration

– Key Qualities to becoming a successful fitness professional.



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