New Landmine Exercise: Angled Barbell Tight Core Rotation

Most personal trainers, strength coaches and exercise enthusiasts are familiar with the (Sorinex) Landmine rotation exercise.

That said, there are three different variations of the (Sorinex) Landmine rotation exercise we use in the Performance U training approach.


Check out this video, which shows you how to perform one of those great core training exercise variations we developed: The Angled Barbell Tight Core Rotation.

We like Angled Barbell Tight Core Rotation exercise for the same reason we like Tight Core Rotation 2.0 exercise, because it closely mimics the actions of the torso (i.e., core) when sprinting, punching, throwing, or changing directions at high speed.

Put simply, we like to use both tight rotation exercise applications to potentially enhance the ability of the torso musculature to produce, reduce, and control rotational and lateral forces.

There’s plenty more where that came from!

I first coined the term “Angled Barbell Training” to represent all the great upper-body pushing and pulling, lower body, core and total body exercises using the Sorinex Landmine (i.e., the original Landmine device) or any other Angled Barbell training method.

If you’re interested in learning more new Angled Barbell Training exercise variations and applications for new muscle & performance gains, I invite you to check out the Angled Barbell Training: The BEST Landmine Exercises DVD, which I co-produced with Bert Sorin (owner of Sorinex Exercise Equipment and the creator of the original Landmine device).


 This DVD represents the most comprehensive collection of techniques and applications using the Sorinex Landmine or any other Angled Barbell training method, with over 50 of the best and most innovative Angled Barbell Training exercises — All designed to help you improve your strength & performance.

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