The Beauty of Tire Training

Up until the Fall of this past year, any day we had good enough weather to be outdoors here in Baltimore, you’d find us outside doing a tire workout either for myself of with clients. Why? – What’s better than pushing yourself to the limits outside on a beautiful day and feeling bad-ass by pulling around a big tire while all your friends and colleagues cheer you on!

Me vs. the Tire

 If you spend as much time inside a gym as I do, it sure beats counting sets and reps on the same old exercises all day! . Then, one morning, we came to the gym to find all our training tires had be stolen! Yes, some poor weak soul was so desperate to train like the big dogs, they swiped our training tires in the middle of the night.  I guess we have ourselves to blame because we never locked up the tires to prevent this from happening. It never crossed our mind that some one would actually want to steal our tires. Lesson learned! . It’s funny how things work out because losing the tires really helped me to appreciate all the amazing benefits we had from using this simple training concept:

– I used exercises like the one in this video to improve the conditioning of my MMA Fighters, NFL players and exercise enthusiasts.

– I used the tire to help build self confidence in my general fitness clients by showing them how they could conquer a big, imposing looking tire. Man, clients love telling their friends about how their trainer has them drag around a tire and how they feel so empowered by doing it! Having some one do deadlifts is great, but nothing new. Having some one drag around a tire and they will never forget it! .

– I used the Tire to help increase my athletes mental toughness and confidence that their competition will never be able to push them as hard as they do already using the tire. This mind set is an important key to success in sports!

– I used exercises like the one in the video below to develop insane leg strength and improve hip drive ability in both my healthy athletes and in my athletes with bad knees. As I wrote in this article, Tire training is Knee Friendly! . – I also used the same exercise in the below video to help Alli to train functionally while building an impressive looking set of legs for her Figure shows. Plus, nothing says great Boyfriend/Girlfriend bonding time like a tire workout. 🙂 .

Once all this hit me about how much we all truly valued and benefited from those infamous tire training workouts, I knew we had to get some new tires ASAP! .

A New Day & New Tires!

Due to a full schedule of training clients, article writing, DVD producing and travel, we let this entire past spring go by without getting new tires. Marc (my business partner) and I were determined to not allow this summer to go by as well without having some good old tire training fun. So, just last week, Marc and I cleared up our day and took a trip down to the Tire recycling center to pick up some new toys! . Here’s a few pictures from our trip to pick up some new tires for your viewing pleasure:

IMG 0137
Lots of Big Tires to Choose from!
IMG 0144
The Tire Yard Super-Hero
IMG 01341
Marc’s Truck filled with modern day fitness equipment
IMG 01471
Now we lock up our Tires!

Do you think you can beat the tire? There’s only one way to find out! Go get yourself a big tire and “get after it”!

Nick Tire arm wraps

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