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Movement Performance Assessment (MPA)

The Movement Performance Assessment is the first assessment designed specifically for Personal Trainers. You’ll learn how to determine which exercises each client should do (or not do) right from the first sessions and start delivering great results without pain.

The MPA includes:

  • 7 Movement Tests That Resemble Actual Exercise
  • Simple And Fast Testing Procedures
  • Immediate Feedback On Ideal Exercises For Clients
  • 16 Hours Of Continuing Education Credits

And, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose with exercises are right (and wrong) for each client
  • Determine the best lifting movements to use as a starting point
  • Find a safer and more individualized training direction
  • Fix faulty movements with a smarter movement prescription system
  • Assess on the fly in 1-on-1 or group settings

If you’re tired of struggling to identify the best exercises for your clients right away or finding ways to deliver results without defaulting to corrective exercises, then the Movement Performance Assessment is perfect for you.

Price – $397


Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE)

You assess clients all the time, but do you really know what you’re looking for?

Do you wish you had a simple, practical, and reliable way to discover
and improve the strength imbalances that are robbing your clients of
performance and putting them at risk of injury?

The Strength Symmetry Evaluation (SSE) is the first evaluation tool
that allows you to quickly and easily identify and correct sub-optimal
strength imbalances in your clients and athletes that lead to poor
performance and increased injury potential.

Featuring 8 critical strength symmetry tests, the SSE is simple to
perform, time-efficient, and it blends right into a training session

You’ll gain more clarity on where to focus your training
program to deliver demonstrable results that your clients and athletes will love.

Price – $199


Practical Program Design Mastery

This is Nick’s flagship programming course. PPDM is the best programming resource for personal trainers because it not only focuses on real-world training situations, but also expedites the learning process by reverse engineering tried-and-true workouts.

Price – $299

PPDM Includes:


Pillars Of Power Training

The Pillars of Power Training is the most comprehensive system designed to teach you everything you need to know about power training. You’ll learn the basics of how power training works, the different types of power training exercises, the simple 3-stage coaching progressions, and exactly how to program them for each and every client on your roster.

Price – $77

Here’s what you’ll get inside:


Strength Training for Fat Loss & Conditioning

   *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*    –    $37

Displays how to utilize creative bodyweight, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, Cable/Band exercises in a multitude of metabolic combinations, complexes and circuits that are all guaranteed to drastically reduce body fat and increase work capacity. This course is jam packed with brand new exercises, challenging sequences and program design concepts that deliver fast results.


Secrets of Single Leg Training

   *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*    –    $39

The ULTIMATE Guide to Single Leg Training! Discover simple assessments, quick corrections AND over 50 innovative Single Leg Squat, Deadlift and Hybrid exercise variations for building a super-strong, great looking, high-performance lower-body!


Angled Barbell Training – The Best Landmine Exercises

   *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*    –    $37

Discover over 50 of the BEST & most innovative Pushing & Pulling, Lower Body, Core and Total Body exercises using the Sorinex Landmine or any other Angled Barbell training method!


MAPS – Mobility + Activation Paired Sets

   *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*    –    $57

This two volume collection represents the Performance U training system for increasing Joint Mobility and Improving movement control. Nick Tumminello shows you the Secrets of Self Joint Mobilization, which we use to quickly and easily improve Range of motion in the Ankles, Hips, Shoulders and Thoracic Spine.

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