Our Abs Pike Roll Out exercise is #2 On YouTube’s MOST VIEWED Fitness Videos of 2011

I’m so incredibly proud, humbled and excited to announce that our video tutorial showing how to perform the Abs Pike Roll Out exercise is YouTube’s 2nd most viewed fitness video of 2011!

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That’s right! – Our video (featured below) is ranked #2 here on YouTube’s Top 5 MOST VIEWED Fitness Videos of 2011!


Here’s the video showing how to perform the Abs Pike Roll Out on Fitness Ball, which originally appeared in this article titled “The Single Best Ab Exercise You Can Do — And It’s Not A Crunch“, which was featured on the Front Page of Yahoo.com and as a trending video on YouTube’s homepage.

A BIG THANKS goes out to Nick Bromberg, who wrote the Yahoo article that featured this video. And, to Jonathan Ross (author of the book; ABS Revealed) for the creative inspiration behind the Pike Roll Out exercise.


A Message to my Fellow Fitness Professionals!

While others are out there bashing the poor fitness training videos made by everyone else, we’re spending our time making high-qulity videos that are researched based and battle-tested effective!

It goes to show that you don’t have to unprofessionally bash what others are doing to spread your message. Nor do you have to sell sex or magic bullet products to make fitness training have a mass appeal.

All you need to do is make your stuff simple to understand, easy to apply and put it out there in a way that’ll get attention from the folks who need it the most. That means you’ve got to act like an educated trainer, but think like an uniformed consumer… because if you can’t communicate, you won’t even get the change to educate. Go here for more about Communication Skills for Personal Trainers.

If you want to “win the fight” against infomercial fitness – My message to you is to quit focusing on the training techniques the fitness mainstreamers use and start focusing on how they’ve made their products have mass appeal in the first place!

Until we do that, we’ll always be the ones wondering why “no one gets it,” and it’ll be our own damn fault that people remain uninformed.

Finally, if you got into this business to play “king trainer” on the forums – then ignore what I’ve said above. But, if you’re like me and you actually want to help people, stop bitching about what others are doing and start stepping up and making a difference by thinking about how YOU can turn your legitimate training concepts into a Youtube video that’ll get the most views in 2012!

That’s my challenge to you – Because you can bet your ass that I’m already thinking about how we can help even more people by making the list next year too 🙂

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