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TRUE full range of motion strength training

By Nick Tumminello

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Coach Nick Tumminello​

Known as the “trainer of trainers”, Coach Nick is an internationally-recognized fitness professional with over 20 years of industry experience and the inventor of the NT Loop, a world-class resistance band.


With over 20 years of “in the trenches” experience, Nick has trained thousands of clients including professional NFL players, figure and bodybuilding athletes, and plenty of average Joes and Janes. Still coaching clients today, Nick understands the challenges that the everyday trainer faces.

Nick has authored 3 best-selling books: Strength Training For Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Performance, and Your Workout PERFECTED. With another one on the way, Nick’s books are perfect for trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

From massive industry conferences to private team development events, Nick has racked up well over 100 speaking engagements all over the world. His passion and personal purpose is to bring the best fitness and performance information to trainers and coaches in the most practical way possible.

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What Is Strength Zone Training?

Most trainers have gaps in their training programs.

These gaps lead to wasted time and effort, sub-optimal strength and performance gains, and increased risk of injury.

Strength Zone Training is designed to avoid all these issues by redefining what TRUE full range of motion training is and making it simple to create workout programs that eliminate exercise redundancy, increase full range strength, and improve your physique.

Optimal strength training isn’t just about training all of the muscles, but rather training all the ranges (zones) of each muscle.

Put simply, strength zone training isn’t just about helping you to build muscle; it’s your workout blueprint for building muscle with a purpose.

See Strength Zone Training In Action

Check out the video below featuring Nick Tumminello and Steve Weatherford!


Nick Tumminello’s expertise in exercise science is second to none. I’ve trained all over the country and found no one better. His methodology in regard to building a bigger, faster, stronger body is a formula for success.
Steve Weatherford
Steve Weatherford
Former Punter For The NY Giants (2011-2014)
Nick Tumminello is an innovator in the fitness field. His combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience make him a go-to guy for getting results from a fitness program.
Brad Schoenfeld, PhD
Author of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan and Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
Working with Nick Tumminello allowed me to see training in a whole new light. The way he was able to combine functional movement, flexibility, and strength training was like nothing I’d ever done before. Not only was I completely gassed at the end, but I found myself wanting more!
Quinn Sypniewski
Former Tight End for the Baltimore Ravens (2006-2009)
It’s hard to think of anyone who consistently contributes as much valuable information as Nick Tumminello. His workouts aren’t just effective; they’re also fun to perform!
Lou Schuler
Award-Winning Fitness Journalist,

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