Practical Program Design Mastery

It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to release my brand-new programming resource that is going to change the way personal trainers and coaches design workouts for clients.

If you read my articles or watch any of my videos, you know I’m all about practicality. That means I believe in building workouts for clients that help them reach their goals while still addressing their preferences and keeping them engaged. Unfortunately, I realized that most programming resources available now don’t take these things into account and that kinda frustrated me.

Most courses designed to teach personal trainers how to build programs fall short because they’re usually designed for athletes, powerlifters, or body builders – not the general population clients that you’re working with 90 percent of the time.

That’s because many experts address programming from a general scientific perspective, not a client-specific one. While they cover basic physiology and discuss the standard scientific principles of exercise and periodization, they fail to offer clear, practical programming instructions you need to be successful with everyday clients.

That’s why I created the Practical Program Design Mastery course, which features 9 Comprehensive And Practical Learning Modules

Practical Program Design Mastery is the first resource that not only includes these real-world training situations in the creation process, but also expedites the learning process by reverse engineering tried-and-true workouts.

For starters, you’ll get all the following:

  • Over a year’s worth of done-for you programming
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workout templates
  • Done-for-you warm ups and finishers
  • Instructions on adapting programs to semi-private and small group training settings
  • Tons of charts, articles, and templates to make program design easy

In addition to all that, you’re also going to learn everything you need to know to create and deliver high-quality training sessions.

This course is packed with 9 learning modules and bonus content that features over 10 hours of videos where I cover topics like:

  • The 7 principles of Full Range Strength
  • How to balance the variety that your clients want while still giving them the consistency they need
  • The best way to select exercises for every client
  • How to create ideal programs for beginners

And so much more!

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Learn How To Program Like A Pro

Using My Must-Have Programming Charts

Learn how I how I quickly and easily create programs that get results and keep clients coming back for more by downloading my 2 must-have programming charts and watching the included video lesson.

With these two charts, you’ll be able to combine the most important functional movements with isolation exercises for the perfect balance of strength, hypertrophy and performance.

In this video lesson you’ll discover:

And much more!

If your goal is to write better programs for your clients and save time while doing so, then you’ll want to sign up for this free lesson!