Exercise Program Design: What It Really Is & The Biggest Mistake Trainers Make

With all of the training information available today, exercise program design is still a subject that many trainers, coaches and exercise enthusiasts are confused about… whether they know it or not. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that many are confused about what program design really is all about. And, this confusion causes them to continue to make the same exercise programming mistakes.

To help you see through this confusion, and avoid making (what I think is) the biggest exercise program design mistake, check out the two videos below. Both of the following videos are clips from our new Hypertrophy Training Program Design: The Alternate-Undulate Method 2-DVD Set, which is on sale now at a reduced price until this Sunday, March 15th at midnight.

What Exercise Program Design Really Is (and Isn’t) About

Contrary to popular misconception, program design isn’t about traditional periodization (planning) models. These models were intended to “peak” an athlete for competition, therefore they don’t apply well to most clients fitness professionals are working with.

Here’s what exercise program design really is about.

The Biggest Exercise Programming Mistake Fitness Professionals Make

Now that you have a simple, and crystal clear view of what exercise program design really is about, you’ll better understand the backwards nature of how many fitness professionals go about designing exercise programs.

Here’s what (I feel is) the biggest program design mistake that trainers commonly make.

Put simply, exercise programming is the art of applying universal training principles to create the right training environment for the goal(s) of the individual.

Much of the existing confusion educated fitness professionals have about exercise programming can be attributed to the fact that most experts do a great job of covering basic physiology and discussing the standard scientific principles of exercise and periodization, but fail miserably when it comes to providing the clear, practical programming instructions you need to be successful. That’s why the entire focus of our new Hypertrophy Training Program Design: The Alternate-Undulate Method 2-DVD Set is on teaching you the practical, real-world strategies and easy-to-use programming system I use for designing effective, ongoing hypertrophy training programs for figure athletes, physique competitors, bodybuilders, or anyone looking to maximize muscle growth.

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