Single Arm KettleBell Swings – 3 Exercise Tips for Better form!

In my opinion, the KettleBell swing is one of the best exercises anyone can do to improve their health and fitness! It’s easy to learn, fun to do and super effective! We use the KettleBell swing and the single arm swing with almost all our clients here at Performance U.


In today’s post, I’ve got a video which provides three form tips you can quickly and easily use to make your single-arm Kettlebell swing exercise safer, more efficient and way more effective!


I owe these great tips to Adam Cronin and the wonderful folks at KettleBell Concepts. KettleBell Concepts has a fantastic (no cool-aid drinking) KB certification program. Check it out here!

Also, Adam Cronin shows off some of the sickest, most creative KettleBell moves you’ve ever seen in this video.



If you’re looking for more simple and easy ways to enhance your KettleBell training, I highly recommend you check out Dan John’s Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form DVD.


Dan always put’s out top notch products and his Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form DVD is no exception! Go here to get more info on Coach Dan John and his series of awesome DVDs.


If you’ve got anymore KettleBell swing training tips – Tell us in the comments section below!

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