So You Want to Write Fitness Articles and Teach at Conferences? What You Need to Know About Being a Fitness Educator

Since training the trainers is something that I do a great deal of, I get lots of personal trainers and coaches who aspire to write fitness training articles and teach at fitness conferences and clubs coming to me for advice about becoming a fitness educator.

When fitness professional come to me and say ” I want to do what you do; I want to train the trainers,” I tell them that it is a great goal to have because I absolutely love every minute of being a fitness educator – It’s a privilege to be able to do my part to leave the fitness field better than when I came into it by giving fitness professionals simple strategies for how to use more purposeful, practical and professional practices. BUT I also sit them down and inform them about some realities that they must know about, and be prepared to deal with, when they starting putting themselves out there to the public as a fitness educator.

In this video I tell you (like it is) about the things I’ve learned about people only after I began writing articles and teaching at conferences; things that YOU must be prepared to deal with (because they WILL happen) if you (aspire to) become a fitness educator, or to become a leader in any field for that matter.

Now that you’ve watched the video, you’ve got one question to seriously ask yourself about becoming a fitness educator...

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