Stability Ball Leg Curl Exercise: A Better Way!

We only use the stability ball for a limited number of exercises – the stability leg curl is one of them. That said, although most fitness professionals, strength coaches and exercises enthusiasts are familiar with the stability ball leg curls, I often see them making the same mistake when performing this exercise.

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In the video below I highlight this all-to-common technique mistake and also share how we perform the stability-ball leg curl to get the most benefit from this exercise.

The Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller: A Better Way to Do Leg Curls

My friends at Sorinex Exercise Equipment (who sponsor me as a speaker at some live events, but do not pay me to endorse products – no affiliate stuff here) sent me their new Glute-Ham Roller device (a few months back) to play with and use with clients.

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It didn’t take me long to realize that, not only do I think this is one of the more practical and valuable training tools I’ve used recently, but I like it better than the stability-ball (if both options are available) for performing hamstring curls… for several reasons.

Check out this video where I discuss why I like using the Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller over the stability-ball for leg curls, and highlight a few other training options it can be used for.


Put simply, leg curls using the Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller are not only less awkward on your neck than when doing them on a stability ball, but they’re also more difficult because your feet are lower, which creates a longer level arm. This is great because many people find stability-leg curls far too easy. This also means the Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller can serve as a nice progression for those who need to begin using the stability-ball and “work up” their glute-ham strength in this action.

As you know, I’m all about practical training solutions. The Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller is the definition of that, as it gives me (what I feel are) better ways to perform and progress several “go-to” exercise applications I’ve been using for years on a daily basis with clients and athletes, such as hamstring curls and ab rollouts.


Finally, check out this video (below) from my friend, and awesome speed coach, Jim Kielbaso where he demonstrates several exercises variations and resistance band attachment options using the Sorinex Glute-Ham Roller.

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