Tabata Intervals – 8 Week Workout Progression

A few weeks ago, I did a post covering a 12-week interval training progression using the Tabata Protocol.


In that post, I discussed exactly what Tabata Intervals are, why Tabata Workouts benefit athletes of all levels and off course, how to gradually progress over a 12-week period to prevent overtraining.


In this post, I’m going to cover a slightly shorter, 8 week Tabata Workout progression.


If you are a fitter athlete with a solid conditioning base.  This 8-week progression is just what the doctor ordered to help you maximize the results of your Tabata training efforts.


8-Week Tabata Workout Progression

Key – 10/20 x6 = 10 seconds work / 20 seconds rest x 6 rounds.


Wk.1 – 10/20 x6

Wk.2 – 15/15 x4

Wk.3 – 10/20 x8

Wk.4 – 15/15 x6

Wk.5 – 20/10 x4

Wk.6 – 15/15 x8

Wk.7 – 20/10 x6

Wk.8 – 20/10 x8


Do you have any personal favorite Tabata workouts?

I have a few killer Tabata workouts I will posting soon – keep checking back!


In the meantime, post your comments and tell us about your favorite and most effective Tabata workouts!


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