The “Basics” of Weight Lifting, Training Cycles and Deloading w/ Richard Sorin

In today’s post (and several more to come) we’re incredibly honored to be bringing you fitness training lessons from Richard Sorin on The Basics of Weight Lifting, Strength Training Cycles and Deloading.

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And, when Richard Sorin talks, YOU NEED TO LISTEN because this man has been lifting at a high-level since before most of us were born; he’s maintained a 500lb+ deadlift and squat from age 16 to 62 (his current age), and has been developing and making the highest-quality fitness training equipment (that’s used by a multitude of major colleges and NFL teams) for over 30yrs.

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Go here to check out this awesome article on Richard by our friends at the Diesel Crew.

As you’ll learn from that article, Richard isn’t just the owner of Sorinex – the makers of the absolute BEST exercise equipment on this planet – He’s also a living legend in the Iron Game who’s helped pave the way to make weight training safer and better for every Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and lifting enthusiast.

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The Basics of Weightlifting

Here’s Richard telling us why we should never “hang our curtains before the walls go up.”

Training Cycles & Deloading

Here’s Richard telling us about setting up our strength training and deload cycles to maximize muscle gains and recovery.


The above two videos gave us some great education – This video (below) will give you some great motivation and inspiration!

Here’s Richard Sorin on Loving Strength; why “Someone always Pays”, and Enjoying the workouts you “take.”

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